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Is this bot 'legal'?

Yes - this bot is 'legal' and abides by both Discord and Dank Memer's TOS and Community Guidelines. Besides the bot is also approved by multiple Dank Memer moderators. Added features are vetted by Dank Memer Mods to ensure that these features are allowed.

How can I run commands on this bot?

From 1st may 2022, we have switched over to slash commands! Prefix-based commands (such as 'd!') will no longer work. Reminders work when you invocate a supported dank memer command, there is no need for any syntax whatsoever

How can I get blackjack assist?

Blackjack assist has been removed from the bot due to it input from the developers.

Slash Commands are not showing! What can I do to run commands on this bot?

Try kicking and reinviting the bot. Do ensure that permissions to use slash commands for dank assistant in x channel is allowed. Alternatively u might want to grand full administrative perms to the bot.

Can I use dank assistant commands in DMS?

A big fat L to any of yall who think this is a great idea. Just invite the bot and use the goddamn channels lmao

What is the busarrival command?

Busarrival is a (proof-of-concept) command users in singapore can use to find out bus timings for buses serving any bus stop in singapore! Simply type in a query (stop name or description or code) and select the appropriate autofilled information!

What should I do if I find wrong information in the bot?

Join our support server and let us know in there!

Dank Memer Trending Game is incorrect/outdated!

If you know the new trending game of the day, please join our support server and let us know in the support channel! We depend on outside sources for this information therefore please wait for up to an hour in the next day for the updated game to be displayed.

I want to suggest a feature!

We read through all feature/improvement requests! Join our support server and run -suggest [your suggestion here without the brackets] in any channel (in the support server obv)

Bot does not remind me for my selected reminders!

Do make sure that you have enabled the specific command reminder (by default, they are all disabled). If this issue still persist, make sure that dank assistant has the read messages and send messages permission. Make sure that you are also using the pls prefix. If this issues still persist, report this to our developers in our support server!

Bot pings that I can use a command again, but it is still in cooldown!

You had probably invocated the command first in a channel where Dank Assistant does not have read permissions to, or that bot cooldown and reminders are desynced. To fix this bug, make sure that Dank Assistant can read the channel where your command is invocated.You may also take a break from Discord for a while, to wait for cooldown from both sides to sync, before comming back! Alternatively, the cooldowns for this command may be outdated or incorrect, in this case please join our support server to let our friendly developers know!


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